Dessert Menu

Sangkhaya Thurian 
Sweet sticky rice with durian scented coconut/palm sugar custard.

Pok Pok Affogato 
Condensed milk ice cream drowned in a shot of Vietnamese coffee, served with patangko, fried Thai-style savory crullers.

Coconut Ice Cream Sandwich 
Coconut-jackfruit ice cream served on a sweet bun with peanuts, sweet sticky rice, condensed milk and chocolate syrup.  Found on any Thai street, especially in the markets.

Whiskey Soda Float 
Homemade bourbon ice cream and cola float with a brace
of Amarena cherries on top.

After Dinner Drinks

Fernet Branca, Italy 
Digestif bitters with licorice, peppermint and cinnamon flavors.

Cynar, Italy
Digestif bitters with artichoke flavor, great with soda.

Zwack, Hungary
Digestif bitters with forty different herbs, aged in oak

Maraska Pelinkovac, Croatia
Digestif bitters with orange zest flavor.

Underberg, Germany
Individual bottle of digestif bitters.

Amaro Nonino, Italy
Grappa based with gentian, licorice, sweet and bitter orange

Sambuca, Italy
Anise liqueur

Chartreuse, France 
Sweet, spicy & pungent liqueur distilled with 130 herbs, plants and flowers. Green or Yellow (milder and sweeter)

House Spirits Krogstad Aquavit, Portland 
Sweet caraway flavor, served chilled.

Larressingle Armagnac VSOP, France 

Boulard Calvados VSOP, France
Apple brandy from Normandy

CourvoisierVSOP, France 

Clear Creek Pear Brandy, Portland 

Vietnamese Coffee 
Stumptown espresso with sweetened condensed milk.

Kafae Boraan Yen 
Sock brewed “Ancient” Thai iced coffee with condensed milk and sugar.  Made with Stumptown coffee

Stumptown Coffee Single cup pour over 

Steve Smith Teas 


Fine Print: We use peanuts, shrimp, meat, cage-free eggs, sugar, salt, wheat & dairy products in our preparations. We buy local and natural when possible and practical. We do not use MSG. If you have allergies or fears, ask for a list of ingredients. Vegetarian options are noted on the menu. Please, no substitutions. A charge of $2/person will be charged for desserts supplied by customer. Due to outrageous merchant fees, a minimum purchase of $10 is mandatory for credit and debit cards. We will split payments with up to 3 cards, after which there will be a $1 charge for each additional card. We do not accept prepaid debit cards. Sorry and thanks for understanding! PS Corkage fee for BYOB wine is $10 per bottle, $3 per 12 oz bottle of beer and $6 per 750ml of beer.