Drink Menu

Pok Pok Cocktails   

Tamarind Whiskey Sour  
Tamarind, fresh lime juice, palm sugar and bourbon on the rocks.

Mango Alexander
Mango, vodka, coconut cream and lime, shaken and served up.

Salted Plum Vodka Collins  
Salted plum, vodka, fresh lemon juice and soda on the rocks.

Fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice with lime, Som honey drinking vinegar and tequila served up.

Pok Pok Gin and Tonic  
House infused makhrut lime gin served tall with tonic.

Gin with fresh mint syrup, fresh squeezed lemon juice and a splash of soda.

Yuzu Daiquiri
Cockspur rum, salted yuzu, lime, palm sugar simple syrup, up.

Rhubarb Blush  
Aperol, gin, fresh lime and rhubarb bitters, on the rocks.

Khing & I  
Mekhong, lime and house made ginger syrup on the rocks.

Lord Bergamot  
Smith Teas bergamot tea infused vodka, Som honey drinking vinegar, orange liqueur and soda on the rocks.

Gin, Maraschino Liqueur, fresh squeezed lemon juice
and a splash of amarena cherry juice, served up.

Heat Ray  
Tequila, Som celery drinking vinegar, fresh lime and Thai chili, served up

Umeshu Spritz  
Japanese Ume Plum wine and soda served tall on ice.

Yuzu-Honey Whiskey Hot Toddy  
Korean yuzu-honey “tea” with bourbon.

Pok Pok Bloody Mary                     
Prepared with Thai chilies and aromatics pounded in the mortar and pestle.

Vietnamese Coffee, Grown Up Style
Vietnamese coffee spiked with brandy.

Lao Saparot (shot) 
Thai style, pineapple infused rice whiskey

No-Proof Drinks

Cha Manao
Thai iced tea with fresh lime juice

Cha Yen  
Thai iced tea with evaporated milk

Naam Manao  
Fresh squeezed limeade, Thai style. Fizzy, sour and sweet

Naam Krachiap  
Thai style iced hibiscus drink

Drinking Vinegars    
Pok Pok Som tamarind, pomegranate, honey, pineapple, ginger, Thai basil, turmeric, celery or apple.  Mild, sweet & tart drinking vinegar, mixed with soda water. Ask for seasonal Pok Pok Som flavors. Selected flavors available for sale by the bottle. 

Vietnamese Coffee
Filtered Stumptown espresso with condensed milk or black. Drip-brewed to order, please allow a few minutes for the process.

Kafae Boraan Yen
Sock brewed “Ancient” Thai iced coffee with condensed milk and sugar.  Made with Stumptown coffee

Stumptown Single Cup Pour Over 
Best coffee in town, brewed to order

Steve Smith Teas
Best quality from local tea expert, Steve Smith: Jasmine Pearls, Lord Bergamot , Spearmint or Meadow Herbal Blend

Cock and Bull Ginger Beer  On draft

Soda Pop
RC Cola, Diet RC, 7-Up, Ginger Ale

Coconut Water

Lurisia Spring Water, sparkling 

Fine Print: We use peanuts, shrimp, meat, cage-free eggs, sugar, salt, wheat & dairy products in our preparations.  We buy local and natural when possible and practical. We do not use MSG. If you have allergies or fears, ask for a list of ingredients. Vegetarian options are noted on the menu. Please, no substitutions. A charge of $2/person will be charged for desserts supplied by customer. Due to outrageous merchant fees, a minimum purchase of $10 is mandatory for credit and debit cards. We will split payments with up to 3 cards, after which there will be a $1 charge for each additional card. We do not accept prepaid debit cards. Sorry and thanks for understanding! PS Corkage fee for BYOB wine is $10 per bottle, $3 per 12 oz bottle of beer and $6 per 750ml of beer.